Miami is a great place to grow your business

Contributor’s Bio:  Neilson Paty is the Founder & Creative Director @ Jetty Productions, a digital content creation company specializing in premium video content. The company is located in the Brickell neighborhood of downtown Miami.

Miami is a great place to grow your business

In March of 2009, three years after starting my company, I moved myself (and business) out of NYC, and to the beautifully built, and horrifyingly empty Brickell neighborhood of downtown Miami. The Miami real estate market had crashed, and I scooped up an awesome, inexpensive apartment overlooking Biscayne Bay.

Operating my business out of Miami, as opposed to NYC, has allowed me to cut taxes by roughly 10% per year, rent by almost 30%, and general operating costs around 25%. Compounded over the 4 year period I have been in Miami thus far, the savings are adding up and fueling our growth.

I credit Miami with much of the increase both directly to our bottom line, and overall growth of the company. We have doubled our client roster to include 50+ clients, and have increased revenues significantly.

When your location of business is affordable to live and work in, your operating costs go down drastically. Everything from office supplies, to food in the fridge are lower. As a business owner, your employees salaries can often be less than those in SF, NYC, & LA as, simply put, the dollar goes further here. Look at what a $1600 studio apt gets you in each city. Or the sqft average of office space in creative neighborhoods.

In Florida, we pay no state income tax & no city tax. Reread that a few times so it sinks in. If you move your company to Florida, it will be the easiest savings you will make. When you can comfortably leave the Valley and Alley, do it. Start by clicking here.

Hedge funds are figuring it out and staking claim to Florida residency. Follow the money.

For many of those startups, and early stage growth companies out there looking for ways to cut expenses, and raise your bottom line… maybe a move to a different sandbox is what you need.

… But, Shhh. Let’s keep this all a secret. Otherwise, it will be too expensive to live, and grow your company here in the MIA… like it is in NYC, and SF, and LA.

What do you think? Connect with me on Twitter @JettyPro or leave a message in the comments below.

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