The 600: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Playing May 17 @ 600 Brickell)

Tindiana_jones_brickellhe summer blockbusters are beginning to roll out each weekend, but each film this season can only hope to keep up with the Joneses!

On May 17th at 8 pm, for the unbeatable price of FREE at Brickell World Plaza Outdoors is screening Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade! Get ready to watch (again) what happens when Dr. Henry Jones Sr. suddenly goes missing while pursuing the Holy Grail, forcing his archaeologist son Indiana Jones to go toe to toe once again with the Nazis.

In honor of the May 17th screening of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at the Brickell World Plaza which is located at 600 Brickell Avenue, I present you with….

600 Hundred Words on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to read before you watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade at 600 Brickell Avenue.

What? None of those words counted towards the 600? Damn.

Starting now!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is the third installment of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg’s incredibly successful Indiana Jones franchise that all began back in 1981 with the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark and followed by in 1984 with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The original idea for the film that producer George Lucas cooked up was to have the heroic archeologist to punch and crack his whip through a haunted house, but director Steven Spielberg had just come off doing uncredited directing on his production of Poltergeist and said no.  Lucas then suggested that Indy searches for the Holy Grail, but Spielberg again said no. Lucas being the producer asked Spielberg to just let him write it up anyway and see what he thinks when he’s finished tinkering with the idea.  After a an added mystical element to the religious artifact a script written by Jeffery Boam, the writer of the Spielberg produced Innerspace, Indy was off on his next epic adventure.

One element still needed to be added to the mix and that was Indy’s sidekick.  Lucas, Spielberg and star Harrison Ford all agreed that this time out Indy would be saddled up with his estranged father, but who would play the man? An actor that is only 12 years older than Ford, the original James Bond 007, Sean Connery!

The idea for the opening film was to show the day in young Indiana Jones’ life when his life changed forever. Harrison Ford knew just the young actor to play him. Having just worked with each other on The Mosquito Coast, Ford knew that young River Phoenix was perfect for the role.

In this opening, we get to see Phoenix as young Indiana Jones in his first adventure where he first cracked a whip, became afraid of snakes and even got his now iconic fedora.  The filmmakers also showcased how Indy got the real life scar on Harrison Ford’s chin. In the movie it is delivered by the character’s first whip snap, but in real life Ford, at a young age, drove his car of the road.

Connery and Ford proved to share great chemistry on set.  This was evident during the filming of the entire Zeppelin sequence.  The set was said to be so hot and since their characters were sitting at a table during the majority of the scene, Connery said he had no other choice but to take his pants off or Dr. Jones Sr. was going to be drenched. Ford couldn’t believe that seasoned actor would do such a thing, but soon realized that his co-star had the right idea and off went his pants, too.

Speaking of hot, Spielberg burned 1000 mechanical rats for the Venice sewer sequence, while 5000 disease free rats were bred specifically for the non-fire shots. To help achieve the sound of thousands of rats, sound designer Ben Burtt actually used the higher registers of thousands of chickens.

For the final scene with the Grail, the filmmakers hoped to cast Sir Laurence Olivier as the cup’s guarding knight, but sadly the legendary actor was very ill and would later pass away on July 11, 1989.

At the time, Spielberg chose the last shot of the film to have Indy and company riding off into the sunset as a way to bring an end to the film series, but…….(cough).

The film was released in North America on May 24, 1989 to mostly positive reviews. It was a financial success, earning $474,171,806 worldwide. It would go on to win the Academy Award for Best Sound Editing.

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