What new restaurants are coming to Brickell in 2013?

It seems like every time I walk around our Brickell neighborhood I see new restaurants. Below is a growing, changing, & hopefully updated list with links as we create a listing for each new place. Send us info, images, and tips if you have any!

spaghettino_brickell_miamiHere’s a list of some new restaurants coming to Brickell in 2013.  (–> means, will become)

Inka Peruvian –> Spagettino

Planet Sushi –> Miami BBQ

Starbucks (Sabadell Building) –> Intermezzo

Volare –> L’Entrecote de Paris

Hibachi Grill (new spot next to Momi Ramen)

China Grill (new)

Box Park (new)

Stazion 87 (new)

Toasted (new)

Batch Gastropub (new, not sure where it will be located)

Who will fill the spots in the following closed restaurants of Brickell:

TIKL –> ??

Grimpa –> ??

Citadelli –> ??

Latin American –> ??

Tabu –> ??


Send us info by emailing contact (at) brickellinfo (dot) com

All info above is based on observation only, and has not been verified. The info can change at anytime. (last updated May 3, 2013)


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  • Steven

    This is all great stuff, but you should definitely consider adding the date to each article you post so that all the readers have some sort of chronological reference of how recent or outdated the information posted is… Just a thought.

  • Brickell Info

    Thanks Steven. That is a great idea and I’ve added it to this post. I’ll try and figure out how to add it to the others..

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