Miami Marine Stadium Needs Your Help




With all this hoopla going on about a Stadium funded by tax payers that have never, and have no plans to attend games, another Stadium used by a private college that might want the public to pay for a $400million update… and well… what is this I hear of a soccer team coming to Florida soon (will they get their own Stadium too??) We are neglecting the BEST stadium in Miami. Miami Marine Stadium.

Some might remember the glory days when musical icons such as Queen, The Beach Boys, Steppenwolf, the Boston Pops, Miami Philharmonic, Ray Charles graced the floating stage.

Some might recall when Sammy Davis Jr. hugged Richard Nixon in ’72. Or that Jimmy Buffett concert in ’85?

Maybe you recall the MANY different sporting events that took place @ Miami Marine Stadium including the Bill Muncey Invitational and the ESPN All American Challenge Series. Or perhaps the powerboat races?

What about you who drank a few beers, smoked a few bowls,  or maybe tagged a wall or 2 if you’re someone that grew up here in Miami during the 90’s or 00’s?

Whatever your connection to Miami Marine Stadium, it needs your support now, for the Future of our City, and all that live and visit here.





Official Info Below:

This Thursday, February 28 at time certain 9:30 AM, the Miami City Commission will review the Site Plan for the renovation of Marine Stadium and surrounding area. We have labored for the last six months developing this Site Plan and  conducted six meetings with the Steering Committee as appointed by the City Manager.  In December, 2012, the Site Plan was approved unanimoulsy (12-0 vote) by the Steering Committee. We are pleased that Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, the District Commissioner and Chair of the Steering Committee, voted to approve the plan. This is Item on the agenda as a discussion item only. We do not expect action to be taken.

We are asking you to email the City Commissioners and ask them to support our efforts to restore the Stadium.
it is very important that the Commissioners feel a groundswell of support.  Please take a few minutes to write a brief email to the City Commission. 

Email the Commissioners.

It is important to send your email to the City Commission before Thurs., February 28.

If you would like to attend the meeting, the address is

Miami City Hall
3500 Pan American Drive
Miami (Coconut Grove)


The time for action is now. We need to show the Miami City Commission the importance of renovating the Marine Stadium! Please email your support-and forward this email to all who care about the Marine Stadium.
We can make it happen and your collective voices will make a difference !Friends of Miami Marine Stadium

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