car2go… I think I’m falling in love with you.

What is car2go?

I’m fortunate enough to live in a neighborhood that car2go has decided to provide their service in.  In short, car2go is a car sharing program. In detail..  car2go members have the option of  FREE parking in much of downtown Miami, as well as the option to leave a car in a parking spot, instead of a designated location when a car is no longer needed.

There are roughly 250 car2go SmartCars that now roam the streets around Brickell, and if you live, work, or dine here, you’ve probably seen the branded cars roaming around. There is a sign up fee, and a per minute (or hour, or day) fee for use of the car. As of this writing, there is also a $2 per day charge  (meaning you get charged 1x per day that you actually use a car).

Why I’m falling in love.

I’ve been a member for a few months as of writing this post (see disclaimer @ bottom) and find myself using car2go on a number of occasions. For ease, I’ve listed some of them below:

I’ve walked into Brickell  for lunch on a lovely sunny day, and by the time I finish my lunch, its raining. Nice to hop in a car2go and not have to wait for the rain to stop.

After dinner in Mary Brickell Village, I often grab a few items from Publix and hop in a car2go for a quick few minute drive home.

As Brickell is such a walkable neighborhood, especially if you live and work here… my wife and I opt to own 1 car. car2go is an incredible ‘2nd’ car option. I can drive car2go and park in downtown Miami cheaper than with my own car. Money saver, & time saver as the car can fit in spots even I can parallel park in. It’s also nice as we rarely need 2 cars for Brickell living.

The gas is FREE. I probably should have mentioned that earlier in this post, so I’ll repeat it here… the GAS IS FREE. In fact, if you hop in a car that has less than 1/4 of a tank (which I have yet to find) you have the option of filling it up (with their gas card inside every car) and you will receive FREE minutes for taking time to fill it up.

The app. Ohhhhh the app. Not does it work, it’s also easy to use, and a great conversation starter for us who love to talk about our car2go membersship. The app is simple. Open it on your smartphone, and it locates the closest available car2go near you. A nice map, with various options appears on screen.

I can parallel park it!!

Overall, I’ve found car2go to be a great option if you live or work in the Brickell neighborhood.

More info via car2go FAQ page


*Disclaimer: car2go was nice enough to offer me a VIP membership for a period of time after I signed up to be a member. Through their VIP program, I was able to use the car2go services free of charge. I am no longer part of their VIP membership, but am still a happy member of the car2go family. *


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