Federal judge rules that poker is NOT gambling… paving the way for poker tables @ Resorts World Miami?

One of the hot debates in Miami these days is the question of whether gambling should be allowed in the casino @ Genting Group‘s (owner of NCL Cruise Line) Resorts World Miami. Throwing what I think could be a serious monkey wrench into the debate is the ruling of a NY Federal Judge this week, according to the WSJ – Judge Jack Weinstein in Brooklyn ruled on Tuesday that ‘poker is more a game of skill than chance and cannot be prosecuted under a law created to stop organized crime families from making millions of dollars from gambling.’

Not that I think Genting Group has ANY ties to organized crime, but, if poker is not gambling – and thought of as investing in a persons skill, will poker be coming to the casino tables at Resorts World Miami sometime in the near future.. even if the gambling debate is happening in parallel?

Am I reading this right? Poker is not gambling. Therefor, how and why should it be restricted under Federal Gambling Laws?

Zynga investors seem to have taken notice – sending the stock 9% higher on Wednesday.

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