Help Save The Trees along Brickell Bay Dr.

UPDATE: Point View Condo has withdrawn their application to remove the trees!

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Brickell Resident Claudio Lovo has brought needed attention to something that might have otherwise gone under the radar…until it was too late. Lovo is urging Brickell residents to voice their opposition towards the removal of 22 mature (40 year old+) Black Olive trees along Brickell Bay Dr. (14th & 15th St) scheduled for August 16. I for one, love the walk along Brickell Bay Dr. and would hate to see the beauty of the trees go, not to mention the shade they provide! Why for the removal? According to a Lovo Tweet…

Taking notice of the discussion on Twitter is our fearless City of Miami Commissioner for District 2 and Chairman of the Miami Downtown Development Authority, Marc Sarnoff. He suggests this:


So.. Let your voice be heard, and do it today.


Call: Regina Haggar @ 305.250.5353 (refer to application 12-209)

Official Response Below from City of Miami Commissioner for District 2 and Chairman of the Miami Downtown Development Authority, Marc Sarnoff:

Pls tell your neighbors: There’s an easy way to formally protest to STOP the removal of the Brickell Bay trees. Follow the link!

To protest the proposed application for tree removal, you must supply the following information:

1) The location of the project and or project name
2) Your contact information: name, address, phone number, and e-mail address
3) The reason that you are protesting

You can transmit this information in any one (1) of the following ways:

1) Via E-mail: send an email to the following people:,, and cc:

Emails MUST be received before midnight on August 16, 2012.

2) Via Telephone: call Regina Hagger at the City of Miami Public Works Department (305) 416-1749. If you get voice mail, please leave a clear message with your name, phone number and reason for protest. Regina will call you back to let you know that your protest has been received.

2)In Person: You may come to the City of Miami Public Works Department. We are located at The Miami Riverside Center – 444 SW 2nd Avenue, 8th Floor, Miami FL 33130. Ask for Ms. Haggar and she will give you a protest form to fill out in person OR you can ask for a Protest Form from the Receptionist at the Public Works Reception Desk.

Our business hours are from 8am – 5pm.

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