Are we missing the play in playground? A Brickell neighbor chimes in..

Post Courtesy of Agustin B.

As a resident on Brickell with two small children I enthusiastically support the development of the 1814 Brickell Avenue land to be used for a park. The location is safe and ideal for so many families with small children to enjoy a beautiful neighborhood park. I have attended BHA meetings, skimmed over the plans, and am still anxiously awaiting its opening.

As a parent, the park’s most appealing feature was the playground for the kids. I assumed that this would be an average playground with a swing, a slide, or jungle gym. It does not. It has an area designated as a playground it has a play set that is not kid friendly. It has rope, plastic, an inaccessible chair, and thing that spins in a circle. Now, I didn’t want to rush to judgment. Perhaps the designers of this playground knew something I didn’t. I conducted an experiment. I told my daughter I was taking her to the park and drove her to Brickell Park, next to the Icon, where they have the exact same play set. When we arrived she saw the play area and asked “Where’s the park?” I tried to convince her for a good twenty minutes to have her climb, sit, spin … on everything there and it was impossible. I ran into a couple of other parents that voiced the same concern. Many of us have been anxiously waiting for the opening of the park and are disappointed to find out that there isn’t something for our little ones to enjoy.

I know the amount of time it takes to conceive, approve and construct anything with public funds. Commissioner Sarnoff did an incredible job in acquiring and developing the land. Please, is it possible to add one swing, one slide, anything that resembles a playground?

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