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** Let me premise this post by stating that I loveeeee meat (boys, no sick jokes here please), and it wasn’t until I started on the Paleo Diet with Crossfit back in May that I thought even one ounce about the type of food I was eating.**


Choices Vegan Cafe Brickell


When I first read about Choices Vegan Cafe in Brickell, I knew I wanted to check out it.  I am on a total kick to try new things, and it seemed like a perfect addition to my Fall 2011 Bucket List (if that isn’t an oxymoron… obs I don’t want to kick the bucket this fall).


Completely out of my buddy and I’s comfort zone, we were a bit like fish out of water stepping into the quaint cafe.  Luckily Owner Alex Cuevas welcomed us immediately (bonus: cute smile), explained the concept (all organic vegan meals) and menu (definitely intriguing) as well as offered up recommendations (super helpful).


Choices Vegan Brickell Cafe

Vegan Assassin Mexican Wrap

I opted for the Veganator ($10), a Vegan Burger topped with LT and a delish cheese sauce to die for, accompanied by a fresh spring mix salad.  My compadre chose the Vegan Assassin’s Insane Mexican Wrap ($13), also with a salad.  Now I can’t speak for mi amiga (obs bc I’m not her although she voiced it was great), but my vegan burger was one of the best burgers I’ve ever had (probably way more healthy too).


To top things off, we were able to taste two “raw” desserts, an amazing faux cookie dough ball (made with nuts) and a chocolate fudge with cherry in the middle.  Both were fantastic but if I had to choose one (which you don’t because they’re somewhat healthy) I’d pick the cookie balls (again, boy, get your mind outta the gutter). Yums!


Choices Vegan Cafe Brickell

Ball Me... Cookie Dough Ball Me That Is

** The Brickell map makes this Choices seem further than it is.  Located on 15th Rd, the cafe is about one block from the Walgreens on 13th.
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