Southside Elementary School – Miami, FL

The Southside Elemtary School, simply just known as the “Southside School” is located in the Brickell Miami area. It is housed in a historic school that was placed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1989. This school is a Museum Magnets School which is committed to having a learning environment that is supported by museums and the community. As a result, the curriculum is largely humanities-based. There are expeditions which allow students to have authentic learning experiences using both their hands and minds. As it is a museum-based environment, students are encouraged to be critical thinkers, creative, and self-motivated.

45 Southwest 13th Street
Miami, FL 33130
305 371 3311

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  • Parent

    Southside Elementary is a terrible school! The Principal does not lead by example. The
    rules are implemented but the lack of leadership shows when there is no
    one making sure procedures are being followed. All school staff is rude
    and disrespectful to parents. The assistant principal is rude,
    unprofessional and careless. The office staff is rude and incompetent.
    The cafeteria staff and environment in general is awful. The worse I’ve
    ever seen. The cafeteria has a capacity for 400 students yet there are
    1000 students in the school. The classrooms are overcrowded too. The
    bathrooms, classrooms and cafeteria are filthy always. Maintenance,
    cleaning and sanitizing are a main issue. There’s no parent involvement
    because once you volunteer and find out what really goes on, the only
    choice is to run away! Just because the school gets rated due to a
    standardized test doesn’t mean it’s an “A” school.

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