No Flops Here: 10 Brickell Bars Where You Can’t Wear Flip Flops After 10 pm

Dressy Brickell BarsOne of the most beneficial reasons to living in Brickell vs. South Beach is that walking around you won’t see tourists in six inch stilettos and bandaid dresses.  True, you may still see the locals dressing to the nines around Blue Martini and Club 50 but more than likely you can stroll into the hood’s bars wearing a mini skirt and heels one night and flops and jeans the next.  But what’s more annoying than being completely overdressed? Being ridiculously underdressed.  In order to avoid the latter, I’ve rounded up 10 bars in Brickell where you should take heed and avoid flip flops if you plan on hitting up the scene after 10 pm.

10. Cavas Wine Tasting Room – Like wine? Yes. Like ridiculously good looking sommelier turning you away? No.

9. Red Bar – Art’s cool.  Getting turned away at the door to go home and change shoes, not cool. (Fact it happened to me)

8. Truluck’s – Eat stone crabs here after 10 pm wearing flops? Not a chance.

7. Novecento – Love Latin Rhythms? Fact. Party in Novecento in flip flops late night? No way.

6. Dolores Lolita – Of course Dolores Lolita is on this list! (@brickellinfo was denied here after Baru…creating the thought about a need for this post!)

5. Blush – There has to be some universal rule on strip clubs, I mean burlesque, and flip flops? Don’t do it.

4. Baru Urbano – Peruvian deliciousness for dinner does not equal chill lounge at night. No flips flops after 10! (This happened to @brickellinfo)

3. Segafredo – Don’t be the one standing on the street pumping your first Jersey Shore style when you can’t get it…in your flops.

2. Blue Martini – Love Espresso Martinis? Fact. Love being taller than all the guys in the bar so they feel hesitant to join your party? Fact (only at BM).

1. Club 50 – Don’t even dare attempting to get into one of the only Clubs in Brickell without doing it up Danity Kane style.

Anything we missed? Let us know!

Honorable Mention:

Area 31 – Although it’s not technically Brickell – It is a short walk over the bridge…but if you stroll over in your flip flops….you’ll be walking back over the Bridge to Brickell with an empty stomach.


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  • Pulenta

    U wanna use flip flops go to a tiki bar…

  • if there was a tiki bar in Brickell, then I’d be there

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